Create Function

pandapower.create_measurement(net, meas_type, element_type, value, std_dev, element, side=None, check_existing=True, index=None, name=None)

Creates a measurement, which is used by the estimation module. Possible types of measurements are: v, p, q, i, va, ia


meas_type (string) - Type of measurement. “v”, “p”, “q”, “i”, “va”, “ia” are possible

element_type (string) - Clarifies which element is measured. “bus”, “line”, “trafo”, and “trafo3w” are possible

value (float) - Measurement value. Units are “MW” for P, “MVar” for Q, “p.u.” for V, “kA” for I. Generation is a positive bus power injection, consumption negative

std_dev (float) - Standard deviation in the same unit as the measurement

element (int) - Index of the measured element (either bus index, line index, trafo index, trafo3w index)

side (int, string, default: None) - Only used for measured lines or transformers. Side defines at which end of the branch the measurement is gathered. For lines this may be “from”, “to” to denote the side with the from_bus or to_bus. It can also the be index of the from_bus or to_bus. For transformers, it can be “hv”, “mv” or “lv” or the corresponding bus index, respectively


check_existing (bool, default: None) - Check for and replace existing measurements for this bus, type and element_type. Set it to false for performance improvements which can cause unsafe behaviour

index (int, default: None) - Index of the measurement in the measurement table. Should not exist already.

name (str, default: None) - Name of measurement

(int) Index of measurement

2 MW load measurement with 0.05 MW standard deviation on bus 0: create_measurement(net, “p”, “bus”, 0, -2., 0.05.)

4.5 MVar line measurement with 0.1 MVar standard deviation on the “to_bus” side of line 2 create_measurement(net, “q”, “line”, 2, 4.5, 0.1, “to”)

Input Parameters


Parameter Datatype Value Range Explanation
type string
Defines what physical quantity is measured
element_type string
Defines which element type is equipped with the measurement
value float   Measurement value
std_dev float   Standard deviation (same unit as measurement)
bus int
must be in
Defines the bus at which the measurement is placed. For line or transformer measurement it defines the side at which the measurement is placed (from_bus or to_bus).
element int
must be in
net.line.index or
If the element_type is “line” or “transformer”, element is the index of the relevant element. For “bus” measurements it is None (default)
check_existing bool   Checks if a measurement of the type already exists and overwrites it. If set to False, the measurement may be added twice (unsafe behaviour), but the performance increases
index int   Defines a specific index for the new measurement (if possible)