Simple Plotting

The function simple_plot() can be used for simple plotting. For advanced possibilities see the tutorials

pandapower.plotting.simple_plot(net, respect_switches=False, line_width=1.0, bus_size=1.0, ext_grid_size=1.0, scale_size=True, bus_color='b', line_color='grey', trafo_color='k', ext_grid_color='y', library='igraph')

Plots a pandapower network as simple as possible. If no geodata is available, artificial geodata is generated. For advanced plotting see the tutorial

net - The pandapower format network.

respect_switches (bool, False) - Respect switches if artificial geodata is created

line_width (float, 1.0) - width of lines

bus_size (float, 1.0) - Relative size of buses to plot.

The value bus_size is multiplied with mean_distance_between_buses, which equals the distance between the max geoocord and the min divided by 200. mean_distance_between_buses = sum((net[‘bus_geodata’].max()

  • net[‘bus_geodata’].min()) / 200)

ext_grid_size (float, 1.0) - Relative size of ext_grids to plot.

See bus sizes for details. Note: ext_grids are plottet as rectangles

scale_size (bool, True) - Flag if bus_size and ext_grid_size will be scaled with respect to grid mean distances

bus_color (String, colors[0]) - Bus Color. Init as first value of color palette. Usually colors[0] = “b”.

line_color (String, ‘grey’) - Line Color. Init is grey

trafo_color (String, ‘k’) - Trafo Color. Init is black

ext_grid_color (String, ‘y’) - External Grid Color. Init is yellow