Generic Coordinates

If there are no geocoordinates in a network, generic coordinates can be created. There are two possibilities:

  1. igraph (http:/ (recommended) based on
    • python-igraph
    • pycairo
  2. graphviz (http:/ based on
    • networkx
    • graphviz

Two avoid having two compile C libraries, precompiled wheels are available on (unofficial)

Generically created geocoordinates can then be plotted in the same way as real geocoordinates.

pandapower.plotting.create_generic_coordinates(net, mg=None, library='igraph', respect_switches=False)

This function will add arbitrary geo-coordinates for all buses based on an analysis of branches and rings. It will remove out of service buses/lines from the net. The coordinates will be created either by igraph or by using networkx library.

net - pandapower network

mg - Existing networkx multigraph, if available. Convenience to save computation time.

library - “igraph” to use igraph package or “networkx” to use networkx package

net - pandapower network with added geo coordinates for the buses
net = create_generic_coordinates(net)

Example plot with mv_oberrhein network from the pandapower.networks package as geographical plan (respect_switches=False):


and as structural plan (respect_switches=True):