Run Function

pandapower.timeseries.run_time_series.run_timeseries(net, time_steps=None, continue_on_divergence=False, verbose=True, check_controllers=True, **kwargs)

Time Series main function

Runs multiple PANDAPOWER AC power flows based on time series which are stored in a DataSource inside Controllers. Optionally other functions than the pp power flow can be called by setting the run function in kwargs


net - The pandapower format network


time_steps (list or tuple, None) - time_steps to calculate as list or tuple (start, stop) if None, all time steps from provided data source are simulated

continue_on_divergence (bool, False) - If True time series calculation continues in case of errors.

verbose (bool, True) - prints progress bar or if logger.level == Debug it prints debug messages

kwargs - Keyword arguments for run_control and runpp. If “run” is in kwargs the default call to runpp() is replaced by the function kwargs[“run”]