3-Phase Grid Data

pandapower.networks.ieee_european_lv_asymmetric(scenario='on_peak_566', **kwargs)

Loads the IEEE European LV network, a generic 0.416 kV network serviced by one 0.8 MVA MV/LV transformer station. The network supplies 906 LV buses and 55 1-PH loads The network layout is mostly radial.

The data source can be found at https://cmte.ieee.org/pes-testfeeders/resources/

The network can be loaded with three different scenarios for On-Peak and Off-Peak load which are defined by scaling factors for loads / generators. These scenarios are a good starting point for working with this network, but you are of course free to parametrize the network for your use case.

The network also includes geographical information of lines and buses for plotting.


scenario - (str, “on_mid”): defines the scaling for load and generation

  • “on_mid”: high load scenario

  • “off_start”: low load scenario at 12:01 AM

  • “off_end”: low load scenario at mignight


net - pandapower network


import pandapower.networks net = pandapower.networks.ieee_european_lv_asymmetric(“off_start”)