Transforming network geodata from any projection to lat/long

In case network geodata are not in The World Geodetic System (WGS84), that is latitude/longitude format, but in some of the map-projections, it may be converted to lat/long by providing name of the projection (in the form 'epsg:<projection_number>' according to spatialreference). A sample of converting geodata from mv_oberrhein network can be found in the tutorial.

pandapower.plotting.plotly.geo_data_to_latlong(net, projection)

Transforms network’s geodata (in net.bus_geodata and net.line_geodata) from specified projection to lat/long (WGS84).


net (pandapowerNet) - The pandapower network

projection (String) - projection from which geodata are transformed to lat/long. some examples

  • “epsg:31467” - 3-degree Gauss-Kruger zone 3

  • “epsg:2032” - NAD27(CGQ77) / UTM zone 18N

  • “epsg:2190” - Azores Oriental 1940 / UTM zone 26N