Dickert LV Networks

pandapower.networks.create_dickert_lv_network(feeders_range='short', linetype='cable', customer='single', case='good', trafo_type_name='0.4 MVA 20/0.4 kV', trafo_type_data=None)

This function creates a LV network from J. Dickert, M. Domagk and P. Schegner. “Benchmark low voltage distribution networks based on cluster analysis of actual grid properties”. PowerTech, 2013 IEEE Grenoble. This LV network will have one to three feeders connected to MV-LV-Trafo. To connect more feeders with respect to the optional given parameters ‘feeders_range’, ‘linetype’, ‘customer’ and ‘case’, the ‘create_dickert_lv_feeders’ function can be executed. The given ‘preferred lines for feeders’ are used, knowing that there are some other standard types mentioned as well.

Since the paper focusses on LV grids structure, load powers and MV connection are neglected, so that the user should identify appropriate assumptions for trafo and load parameters. ‘trafo_type_name’ and ‘trafo_type_data’ can be set directly by the user. By default, the load powers are calculated with coincidence factor, derived with normal distributed peak system demand, described in Dickert, Schegner - ‘Residential Load Models for Network Planning Purposes’, Modern Electric Power Systems 2010, Wroclaw, Poland, with the given example assumptions:

  • c_inf = 0.1
  • P_max1 = 10 kW
  • powerfactor = 0.95 ind. (in range of 0.9 to 1)


feeders_range (str, ‘short’) - feeder length, which can be (‘short’, ‘middle’, ‘long’)

linetype (str, ‘cable’) - the are different feeders provided for ‘cable’ or ‘C&OHL’

customer (str, ‘single’) - type of customers (‘single’ or ‘multiple’) supplied by the feeders

case (str, ‘good’) - case of supply mission, which can be (‘good’, ‘average’, ‘bad’)

trafo_type_name (str, ‘0.4 MVA 20/0.4 kV’) - name of the HV-MV-Trafo standard type

trafo_type_data (dict, None) - if ‘trafo_type_name’ is not in pandapower standard types, the data of this new trafo types must be given here in pandapower trafo type way


net (pandapowerNet) - Returns the required dickert lv network


import pandapower.networks as pn

net = pn.create_dickert_lv_network()

For all given Dickert LV Networks (in numbers: 12) the number of delivery points of tapped lines (n_DP) and the distance between delivery points (d_DP) is given in this table:

Feeders range Line type Customer Case d_DP n_DP
short cable single good 60 1
      average 120 1
      bad 80 2
    multiple good 80 3
      average 50 6
      bad 40 10
middle cable multiple good 40 15
      average 35 20
      bad 30 25
  C&OHL multiple good 50 10
      average 45 13
      bad 40 16
long cable multiple good 30 30
      average 30 40
      bad 30 50
  C&OHL multiple good 40 20
      average 40 30
      bad 40 40

The next figure shows the topology of the paper’s example with lv network with mid-range, cable type and in good case:

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