There are jupyter notebook tutorials on different functionalities of pandapower:

Minimal Example introduction:
Creating networks:
Running (optimal) power flows:
Data analysis and modelling error diagnostic:
Configure and run a state estimation:
Run a short-circuit calculation according to IEC 60909:
Working with the pandapower standard type library:
Running topological searches:
Plotting pandapower networks:
Hosting Capacity:
Internal data structure, Ybus and J matrix:

To run the tutorials interactively (jupyter module is needed):

  1. Download or clone the pandapower github repository: https://github.com/panda-power/pandapower

  2. Open a python shell and navigate to the folder pandapower/tutorials

  3. Run:

    jupyter notebook
  4. Click on the tutorial of your choice in the browser menue and start going through the tutorials step by step .